Minnesotans’ Disappearances: ‘It Can’t Be Just Coincidence’

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MADISON, Wis. — Officials didn’t release any new information about the four college-age adults missing in Minnesota and Wisconsin over the weekend, but their families are saying the cases must be related.

Brian Guimond, the father of missing St. John’s student Josh Guimond, said he’s been in contact with the three other families and believe the disappearances must be connected.

His son was last seen as he left a party on the Collegeville campus. Divers have searched a lake near the building where the party was held.

University of Minnesota student Christopher Jenkins was last seen leaving a Halloween party at a Minneapolis bar. Michael J. Noll, a student at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire, was last seen leaving a bar late Nov. 6. Erika Marie Dalquist of Brainerd was last seen leaving a bar in that city Oct. 30.

Jenkins’ parents, who live in Burlington, Wis., hired a private investigator. They spoke to WISN 12 News reporter Patrick Paolantonio Sunday night.

“We’re just hoping that somebody’s memory gets jogged and they say, ‘You know what, I saw so and so in that bar, maybe call such and such,” Jan Jenkins, said.

“We know Chris. Chris would not, not show up somewhere,” Steve Jenkins said.

Josh Guimond’s family told the CBS “Early Show” from St. Cloud this morning that the last time they saw him was about two weeks before he disappeared — and he seemed fine.

His mother, Lisa Guimond, said that Josh always told her if he was going anywhere, and it would not be like him to go anywhere without telling anyone.

“That’s not the way he was,” she said. “He always let you know where he was and what he was up to.”

“We absolutely believe they are connected. With Interstate 94 there — they are the same in height, weight, all active on campus, there is something there,” Brian Guimond said. “We spoke with the parents of the other ones and that’s how we found out about all the similarities — they are high achievers, heights and weights — they are all very similar.

“It can’t be just a coincidence. Something is going on,” Steve Jenkins said.

Josh’s uncle, Paul Cheney, told CBS that the initial response to Josh’s disappearance was “extremely small.”

“For 48 hours, they don’t even want to recognize that there is a situation,” Cheney said. “We were more fortunate than Chris Jenkins’ family who wasn’t recognized as missing for four days. At least Josh was recognized after two days. The problem with that is that evidence gets cold fairly quickly and if they aren’t doing anything about it … things get cold.”

The families all said they are not giving up hope.

“We will do whatever it takes. We will fight until we find Chris and we bring Chris home. We need to be reunited with Chris and he needs to be reunited with us,” Steve Jenkins said.

Officials Searching Guimond’s Computer

Stearns County officials will continue to interview Guimond’s friends and roommates today, officials said.

Officials will also continue to look at the contents of Guimond’s personal computer, which was taken from his room last week, The St. Cloud Times reported.

Guimond, who is treasurer of the school’s pre-law society, was supposed to meet with a club auditor to discuss $385 the pre-law society had requested to buy practice exams for the Law School Admission Test, the newspaper reported. The group reportedly has a few thousand dollars in the bank.

Minnesotans’ Disappearances: ‘It Can’t Be Just Coincidence’
November 18, 2002