Father Jerome Tupa Discusses Joshua Guimond

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TupaJeromeIn his bulletin message on January 20, 2013, Father Jerome Tupa offered the following:

“While I was on campus when Josh Guimond disappeared, I did not personally know him.”

Remember, the January 7 letter that Tupa is responding to never links Tupa to Joshua’s disappearance.┬áTupa does just that, however, in his written response.

Tupa admission that he was on campus when Joshua disappeared certainly doesn’t rule him out as a suspect. Also, whether or not Tupa “personally knew” Joshua is irrelevant to Joshua’s disappearance.

Joshua was a junior at Saint John’s at the time of his disappearance. Father Tupa was reportedly one of Joshua Guimond’s resident advisors. Joshua was outspoken, involved and by some accounts, a leader. Tupa’s statement simply begs the question, “What does ‘personally know’ mean?”

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