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Re: Radio interview feedback

Delete this post Submitted by DoubleDash on Sep 26 2010 in reply to Radio interview feedback posted by bob guimond on Sep 26 2010


I have been thinking for a while now that there is far more to this, all of this, than anyone can discern. It runs deep -- far reaching, and it is sinister. The treachery of it is too much for most people to imagine. The key is finding the proof. Our intuitions, feelings, and even the facts we currently have, need to be further solidified with evidence. Information and evidence we uncover must be carefully kept amongst those who have finding Joshua as their sole mission. Anyone who has a conflict of interest regarding finding the truth should not be involved. It is a travesty that this did not happen at the beginning of this case. The outcry for justice for Joshua has come from the public, not from those with self serving interests. I still believe, though, that there are people who are tired of carrying around ugly, hurtful secrets, and who want to rid that pain from their lives. You know who you are. Be courageous, and come forward. Embrace the truth, and it will set you free. Please help us!! Thank you.

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