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In the months following Josh's disappearance, there were several benefits to raise money to help in our search for him. This page is a thank you to all the people who organized, attended or participated in any way. All of us, his family and friends, were, and continue to be, deeply touched by the overwhelming outpouring of support, kindness, love and compassion that we have received. At a time when evil looms so darkly in our lives, all of you remind us that there is more goodness than evil in this world. Thank you to everyone who supports us in our search for Josh and helps us to “Keep Hope Alive”.

Spaghetti Dinner - Madigan's in Maple Lake, MN - January 12, 2003

Silent Auction & Port Chop Dinner - VFW in Maple Lake - January 19, 2003

Whopper Feed - Belview, MN - June 5, 2003

Silent Aution - Blondies - Twin Cities - February 7, 2003

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