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Radio interview feedback

Delete this post Submitted by bob guimond on Sep 26 2010


Hello all,

I received this e-mail about the interview I did on the Patriot 1280am Sons of Liberty 9-25-2010.

Just heard Sons of Liberty. I have to tell you this story. Two of my closest friends know this story, I told them many years ago.
A few times in my life I've had specific dreams that have turned out to be 100% true. I believe God gave them to me for direction. One night many years ago I had a dream that Jacob Wetterling was kidnapped and murdered by someone from St. John's. I had no information about St. John's before my dream, had hardly ever heard about it. I do know not too long after that, I saw a composite picture of Jacob's kidnapper, and then saw a picture of some priest at St. John's that really looked like the sketch. This priest was in the paper for some kind of sexual activity. I had the impression from my dream that St. John's should have been searched for evidence regarding Jacob. In my dream there were "dark" places there.
Just had to tell you this today after hearing the show. It has always bothered me there wasn't a search of St. John's for forensic evidence of Jacob after my dream.

My heart goes out to Joshua's parents as well as Jacobs'


Bob Guimond Grandpa

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