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Re: Re: Fox 9 Report on Monks

Delete this post Submitted by JBrown <jbrown324320@gmail.com> on Sep 20 2010 in reply to Re: Fox 9 Report on Monks posted by Karen Linsmayer on Sep 19 2010


Ms Linsmayer,
Josh disappeared on St John's campus and his family found out after he disappeared that there are monks who live on campus who have been proven to have done some horrible things to children and young teens (see behind the pine curtain website for documented proof). The Abbey did not let investigators search the campus right after he went missing and St John's has gotten a restraining order against Josh's dad. (Can you imagine not being able to look for your child on the same ground they last walked on??)
It is proven that the Church covered up the crimes committed against children by moving them to other parishes, not turning them in to the police, putting them on a promised "restriction" (which has turned out to do nothing to prevent them from interacting with children) hoping the statute of limitations would run out before they went public with their names. The restricted p*** were not properly interviewed as suspects and many key people work for or went to school at St John's. How would you feel if this happened to your child? This is their website to explore ideas about how to find their child. In my opinion, they have only posted facts and have done nothing wrong.

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