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Please speak up!!!

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St. Johns Abbey of the Benedictine Order, in Collegeville , Minnesota , is a classic example of how the Catholic Church covers up child abuse in the Church. Over a 30 year period of time there were hundreds of abuse cases and suicides related to the abuse.

In 2002, Josh Guimond, a student at St. Johns , disappeared in the middle of the night under suspicious circumstances. The investigation that followed was a cover-up and anyone who dared look into the case was harassed.

The Abbot, John Klassen, admitted that there were at least 13 pedophile p*** at the Abbey. Yet, there were no arrests or prosecutions by either local, state, or federal authorities over this 30 year period of time.

A sophomore at Albany High School , in Albany , Minnesota , asks, “Why is St. Johns above the law?” The local and state media keep their reports of the abuse which has occurred there to a bare minimum, and then only publishes these reports after they have appeared in the national media. Why?

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