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Delete this post Submitted by DoubleDash on Jul 17 2011


So, a young man suddenly vanishes from a college campus and is now missing for almost nine years. What I'm wondering is why hasn't the FBI been called in to assist with this case? What is stopping the Stearns Cnty Sheriff's Dept. from asking for this kind of help?

Attention St. John's University and Stearn's County Sheriff's Dept: If you think we're going to go away and forget about Joshua, you are sorely mistaken. We are not and we will not go away -- ever.

It's not okay that Joshua disappeared from a campus filled with sex offenders. It's not okay that the community at large seems to be okay with that. It's not okay that people aren't speaking up and demanding answers. It's not okay that the abbey to this day continues to lie and deceive the public about the sex offenses that have taken place under its authority -- none of this is okay.

Maybe it's too much to hope for that a politician, a community leader, an advocate, citizens in the St. John's area, even perfect strangers might step up and insist on a thorough review of what happened to Josh.

Josh doesn't deserve to be treated like his life has no value. His family doesn't deserve the lack of support and compassion they should have had all along.

Woe be to those who have to give an accounting to the Lord someday for their compliance, collusion or complete lack of help to the Guimond family.

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