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Cover up

Delete this post Submitted by b ob guimond on Apr 26 2011


Hello all:

This is posted on Behindthepinecurtain web site.

This shows how the Abbey is covering up things about Josh.

By 2006, the leadership at St. John’s University (Reinhart) and St. John’s Abbey (Klassen) had yet to make Wollmering’s name, or any of his misconduct or crimes, public.

Internally, reasons for keeping his name from the public were being discussed.

Around 2005, Abbot John Klassen provided two:

1. The effect that such an announcement would have on the capital campaign.

2. The effect that such an announcement would have on University recruitment.

Early in 2006, a third reason was discussed:

3. Releasing details of Wollmering’s crimes could tie him to the disappearance of Joshua Guimond

A paranoid Abbot John Klassen worried that claims against Wollmering, combined with Immelman’s profile, would be used against the monastic community. Klassen questioned his ability to lead the monastery if that happened.

Had Wollmering’s name been cleared when Joshua Guimond disappeared in 2002, it is unlikely that Abbot John Klassen would have been so defensive when a profile of Guimond’s likely abductor first circulated in 2003 and was publicly released in 2006.

Officials at St. John’s Abbey and St. John’s University had known about Wollmering’s “relationships” with students for years. A link to Guimond or a prized target like a member of the Johnnie football team, for example, would be devastating.

When an institution’s leadership put money ahead of integrity, and deception ahead of disclosure, that institution is in trouble.

But both leaders, Reinhart and Klassen, who were also looked up to as the institution’s spiritual leaders, did just that.

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