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Delete this post Submitted by Toriop on Mar 16 2011 in reply to messages now shown posted by Toriop on Mar 05 2011


About the detectives...a conspiracy of silence might be what is needed, but it does leave questions unanswered. Why do some people do or say certain things? What is their agenda? Can't they all be in one accord in their search for truth and justice? In this quest one can use ALL the help one can get. One cannot stumble on another s mistake and ignore the fact that in unity there stands a better chance to get answers for Joshua s - and others - justice.
Also in my humble opinion, there cannot be enough money power gathered to take on the beast and her despots operating on St John s campus. The...detectives...have also been outsmarted for many years. Young men - and women - are still being abducted/abused/killed and ignored by the media and the authorities - right under our nose as it has for many decades...centuries...
Only - O N L Y - the weapons of the Spirit will prevail against it. In our faith and uniting of our good will this evil can be defeated. As much as it affects each family individually, it is a collective endeavor, a fight for a common cause, for the safety of the children of the future. What seems to be revealed about this so-called church today has existed for generations and still will if we do not put a stop to it. All the victims are looking at us and crying for justice. Let us not be silent or be at each other s throat. Justice for Joshua ! Justice !

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