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Paypal account

Delete this post Submitted by Toriop <Toriop@inbox.com> on Feb 02 2011 in reply to Re: Re: Re: Suing St Johns Abbey posted by JBrown on Jan 31 2011


Easy enough. The Guimonds have to open an account at paypal.com (free)linked to a bank deposit (checking or saving) account. Then the webmaster of this site can install a "Donate With Paypal" button on the donation page by copying a code generated at paypal.com (also free) (click links GET PAID then FUNDRAISE. Funds can be donated using credit cards and the transfer from Paypal to the Guimond's account only incurred a small transaction fee. Any regular EBAYer would know that much as it is fast, safe and easy. Hope this will help.

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