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Re: We'll find out what happened

Delete this post Submitted by Toriop <Toriop@inbox.com> on Aug 25 2010 in reply to We'll find out what happened posted by DoubleDash on Aug 25 2010


It could be relevant to research what the Mock Trial team was preparing in 2002. Perhaps Joshua's co-captain, Nick Hydukovich, can bring some light on their mock trial choice of topics. Who would be put on the stand? Why a person so close to Joshua at the time and now established in the field of law does not seem to come forward and share details pertaining to this case? How can we find out what happened when so many questions remain unanswered? What is needed? Money..of course. More marches along the SJU campus? Is there a conspiracy of silence? Who is involved and how far up does it go? Teenagers do not (or should not!) disappear into thin air. Wake up and speak up, people...otherwise there is a stench of indecency in bystanding and do/say nothing. The gestapo of the nazis in the Roman court have much to fear from the angels of the Almighty God who will prevail in exposing their wiles and punish their evil deeds. That...is Joshua's righteous wish and of those who thirst for justice.

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