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Delete this post Submitted by DoubleDash on Jan 09 2011


Wouldn't it be sad, if you lived your whole life carrying a weight on your heart -- never really being free -- always looking over your shoulder -- realizing that the secret you've been keeping has caused pain for yourself, and pain for others. Wouldn't it be a relief to get rid of the secret -- get it off your chest and your mind, and release the burden you've been carrying? Life's too short to haul that kind of baggage around. If you've been carrying some secrets about Joshua, why not let this burden go? Give yourself the chance to live an honest and real life, instead of a life diminished by a dark shadow. Please share whatever information you might have by using the contact link on this website. It's a new year -- let it go -- and give yourself the gift of true freedom, and the Guimond family a chance for closure. Please... and thank you!!!!!

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