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We are still here

Delete this post Submitted by DoubleDash on Nov 09 2010


Dear Joshua, Eight years have now passed since your family and friends were left in despair by your sudden disappearance. I believe in my heart that, wherever you are, you know that we have been fighting the authorities, the church, politicians and even the community, in an effort to obtain the truth. It is a tragic testament about our society, that so very few have stood up on your behalf. There are few left in this world who genuinely care about others, and I am so sorry. But -- there is a group of us who have promised ourselves, each other, you and your family, and God, that we will never give up, and never stop searching. Joshua, I know someone at St. John's has the answers -- and, quite possibly, someone in the community. Whoever you are, if you are reading this, I will again, with great humility, beseech you to come forward -- even anonymously -- to help us bring closure to the question of what happened to Josh. We have ideas, we have information -- but we need you. Won't you consider how time is passing so quickly, how much time has already passed, and come to our aid? We don't need your name, just your information. Eight years -- a lot happens in eight years. I hope what has happened for you is that you've had a change of heart, and will now be willing to help us. To Joshua, by no means are you forgotten, and by no means will you ever be forgotten. We will press on, until we find the truth. To the Guimond family, our prayers are always with you, and please know, there are still people left in this world who do care, and who will continue to seek justice on behalf of you and your son. Lord Jesus, have mercy upon us, and give us the strength to keep fighting.

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