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Joshua, I can't begin to tell you the heartbreak we feel -- ours is a pain that time does not heal; how can anyone expect your Mom to say "it's okay", when it's been seven years since she last saw your face; seven years since she last heard your voice, knowing that leaving was not your own choice; it's heart breaking, heart wrenching, a stab through one's soul; finding you, and the truth, that's our only goal; your parents have cried thousands of tears, your friends have anguished for seven years; suspicion, mistruths, paranoia, fear; who caused you, Josh, to disappear?; when your Mom looks out at the stars at night, when your Dad sees the sun rise at first light; it's you they think of, it's for you they pray; Josh, there are times we feel hopeless and small, but Grandpa and your Dad are standing tall; and your Mom will not stop until you are found; the Lord will keep us on solid ground; Carrie, Aubs, Pat and me, we'll keep on searching relentlessly; Joshua, we will always stand up for you, and I know, you would do the same for us, too; the person you are, and have always been, is too precious for us to let evil win; it will not, for we will never surrender; Joshua, we'll find out what happened that November........

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