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bob guimond
"Hello all----I find it very interestering that the Stearn's County Sheriff will spend any amount of money to solve the Jacob Wetterling case---- Sheriff Sanner is keeping the Wetterling family up to date on whats going on, but yet he won't answer my questions, and has told the Detective not to answer my e-mails any more, but to forward them to his superiors, and they don't answer them.---Sanner is doing what he is supposed to be doing in keeping the Wetterling family informed, but yet he has not told us anything about Josh's case.----When Josh went missing the only thing that ever was considered was that he was in Stump Lake,----They never even considered talking to the 11 restricted monks at the time.------ May 2002 ... Investigators who'd been looking into charges of sexual abuse at St. John's Abbey ask for records of 11 monks at the abbey. Agents never find any connection to the Wetterling abduction.---Sheriff Sanner its about time we get the same treatment as the Wetterling family has had in their investigation.---They excluded every possibility in favor of the idea Josh was in the water-----We have never had an honest investigation---They never looked at the hard drive till Channel 9 aired the story on Josh.----Bob Guimond Grandpa ... "

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