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There is a group that has been diligently working on Josh's case since he disappeared. We knew it would be a fight, but you are absolutely right, when it comes to going up against any power system, be it the Catholic church, the federal government or any other influential group, it takes complete determination. People spend time in jail, they become bankrupt, they write letters and ask for help from politicians, they conduct marches and protests and still -- often times, the wicked win, because they have more power and more money. Each person has to decide, "am I going to take this on or not." This will not be the first time I have gone toe to toe with a monied, influential, corrupt institution. It is exhausting, frustrating and sometimes, it feels hopeless. But I won't let this case be hopeless. We are not going to back down, we want the truth, we want answers, and we want justice. So far, no one who could or should be helping is doing that. But I believe that eventually, someone will care -- someone besides the same group that has been working for years seeking justice. Giving up is not an option. By the grace of God, we're going to uncover what was done to Joshua. And when we find out, the whole world is going to know. They can come clean with what they know now, or later. But the truth will out.

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