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"Seriously this Illuminati theory is just crazy and takes away from legitimate information that could help find Josh. As for the monks, go read the documents for 2002 from Behind the Pine Curtain. You will see that 2002 is the year the abuse scandals broke wide open at St. John's and nationwide. You will see in the 2002 documents extensive coverage of the statute of limitations. Check the Oct. 2002 document especially. The monks forwent the statute in several cases by paying settlements. In other words, the abbey could have fought the abuse allegations by claiming the expired statute, but they didn't. They chose to pay out. That's the real story here. It's saying that the monks admitted the allegations straight out and paid rather than go to court. ... Every single student on campus was affected in 2002 by this scandal at St. John's. It was the prevailing atmosphere. There was no conspiracy THEN, it was all out in the open all over the papers. Each student had to figure out how they felt about it in order to even feel okay going to school at SJU. See the article about the serious image problems the campus had that year. And still has. ... This is why I seriously doubt a monk was involved, though of course no stone can be unturned. Given all the publicity to the scandal, it's unlikely a monk is going to act out in that atmosphere. In addition, monks don't act rashly nor suddenly. Read the Pine Curtain documents. All the abuses took place in relationships developed over long periods of time, where monks deluded themselves they were ''helping,'' or ''caring,'' and the abuse progressed slowly, a step at a time. In no instance was anybody suddenly assaulted by a stranger, the monks had relationships going for a long time before it all went too far. It takes a lot for a celibate religious to act out, including the very long time it takes to rationalize it's okay. ... Also, as a former nun I can tell you that a college student investigating anything poses no threat whatsoever to a religious order. I believe that Josh was doing only what every other Johnnie student was doing that year, following a very public scandal at SJU in the media and on the internet. I've been a Bennie myself, and the whole thing is just awful. ... Let's continue to hope we find the real reason behind Josh's disappearance. "

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