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The Lord does see all and knows all -- and I mean *all*. With regard to the monks -- sadly, in reading all the information in great detail, one can see several monks whose sexual offenses were not divulged in 2002. Worse -- these offenders were, in fact, known by the abbey, and yet -- their sordid histories were deliberately kept hidden until confronted with solid evidence. Then, and only then, did the abbey acknowledge these offenders and pledge to put them on "supervision." Since it has been documented that several of these monks have longstanding histories of sexual abuse, it is not a far stretch at all to surmise that at least one may have engaged in even more deviant and criminal behavior. This is why, for example, the alibis and whereabouts of each and every monk with a known history (even if it was known only to the abbey and hidden from the public) should have been thoroughly investigated on the night Joshua disapeared. Within a small vicinity in the area surrounding St. John's, three boys were abducted, two have still not been found. What are the odds of that happening? It is painful and awful to have to imagine such things, and yet, if we do not look at the facts with an open and honest heart, we will not be able to see truth. In this case, as in many others related to the abbey, the truth has been spun, hidden, denied and twisted. Something very ugly has happeend within and around the grounds of this campus. There is a wall up that is almost impossible to break through, and yet break through we must -- or else the vat of deception will continue to boil and along with it the longstanding suffering it has caused.

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